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About Us

Tim Baumhardt designing a custom metal sculpture.
Tim Baunhardt of Greenway Homescapes using a plazma cutter creating a scuplture.

Creating beautiful sculptures for your landscape is what Greenway Homescapes is all about. With over thirty years of combined welding and craft experience, we truly enjoy what we do. From metal in motion, to stunning still life, our sculptures are sure to be a conversation starter at your next outdoor get together.

We like creating our own artwork, but we also understand nothing is more fun than creating with new friends. Do you have an idea for a custom piece for your yard or garden? Let us know, we would be honored to help bring your vision to life. Thank you!


-Owners Tim and Maureen Baumhardt

Maureen Baumhardt of Greenway Homescapes hand paints metal sculptures with these paint brushes.
Maureen Baumhardt shows off her custom painted metal sculptures at Greenway Homescapes.
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